🀝Staking Treasury

Reform seeks to incentivize long-term holding and participation in the ecosystem through the Staking Treasury. To ensure the continued viability of the staking contract, a fixed daily amount of 0.05% will be allocated to the two staking pools at launch and three staking options in the future.

  • Single Side Staking (SSS) -> $RFRM

  • Liquidity Pool Staking (LPS) -> $ETH/$RFRM

For more information regarding the participation in the Staking Contract, check out:


During the Token Generation Event, 300 million $RFRM tokens are allocated to the Staking Treasury. Daily, 0.05% of these tokens are distributed to stakers, with rewards diminishing over time. Early stakers receive the majority of rewards, and emissions significantly decrease as time progresses. Although the Staking Treasury isn't a circular loop like the rest of the ecosystem, it will eventually have minimal rewards to offer. By that point, the DAO will possess its own liquidity and buybacks will drive the price.

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