♻️The Ecosystem

As a DAO should be entirely decentralized, its fundraising mechanism should reflect this principle. Therefore, to maintain full decentralization, Reform has chosen a Bonding Treasury as its fundraising method. This treasury holds 400 million $RFRM, equivalent to 40% of the total supply, which is locked and available for swapping against $ETH, $USDC, or $USDT at any time.

By implementing the Bonding Treasury as our primary fundraising approach, we gather capital to facilitate liquidity provision, execute designated market making, and operate arbitrage algorithms.

The liquidity provision generates realized profits, which are reinvested to repurchase tokens from public exchanges, refilling the Bonding Treasury.

Designated market making and arbitrage trading contribute additional tokens to the DAO treasury, enabling a self-sustaining ecosystem.

As we steadily progress, our financial strategy drives a profitable and sustainable ecosystem. To learn more about the ecosystem’s money flow, watch our video below.

In the following chapters, you will explore the various money flow sectors within the Reform ecosystem.

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