Governance guide

Individuals can obtain voting rights within the DAO by staking their $RFRM in the Single Side Staking (SSS) pool, receiving Escrowed $RFRM ($eRFRM) in return. These $eRFRM grant voting privileges and staking rewards. The structure ensures that only those who commit their tokens to the staking pool can influence the DAO's future, promoting actions aligned with the DAO's best interests.

Reform has created this accompanying guide to assist its holders in gaining a deeper understanding of the governance process. A written step-by-step guide is provided below for further clarity on how to ignite a proposal or how to participate:

  1. Forum creation and discussion

  2. Research by Core Contributors

  3. Confirmation

  4. Improvement Proposal to Reform (IPR)

  5. IPR implementation

Step 1: Forum creation and discussion

Reform operates by empowering the token holders to enhance the ecosystem through a proposal forum located on The community members can initiate discussions and participate in discussions by posting and commenting on threads. If the discussions receive substantial engagement and positive feedback, they may advance to a IPR, subject to approval by research. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to participate in the proposal forum:

  1. Register on

  2. Navigate to the governance section.

  3. Create a new discussion thread by clicking on the "New Thread" button and filling out the template (It is important to note that the use of the template is mandatory, and posts without a template will be removed).

  4. Community members can share their opinions by replying to threads (To reply to a post, navigate to the thread and click on "Reply").

Step 2: Research by Core Contributors

Upon acceptance of a proposal in the forum, it will undergo a review by the DAO's research team, consisting of Core Contributors. During this stage, it is important for the proposer to keep an eye on the forums and our social media channels, as the Core Contributors will be engaging in discussions to gather more information and ensure that the proposal is suitable for the DAO before advancing it to a IPR proposal.

Step 3: Confirmation of proposal to be transferred to IPR

Upon review of the proposal by the Core Contributors, it may be approved on the forum. Subsequently, it will proceed to the Snapshot voting phase. It is advised to engage with the forum posts produced by the Core Contributors to stay informed.

Step 4: IPR

Upon completion of research and the acceptance of the request, it shall be forwarded to become a IPR. This IPR will then be listed on, where token holders will be given the opportunity to cast their vote on the proposal. The outcome of the vote will determine whether the IPR is accepted into the ecosystem or rejected. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to cast a vote on the IPR:

  1. Register on using an ERC-20 wallet.

  2. Participate in the Reform snapshot.

  3. To view active IPRs, navigate to and check for the "active" status.

  4. To vote on the IPR, it is necessary to hold $eRFRM which can be obtained by staking $RFRM in the Staking Contract.

  5. To cast a vote, click on the IPR and then click on "vote," select either "for" or "against" and then "vote."

Step 5: IPR implementation

Upon the conclusion of the voting process, the IPR will proceed to implementation and the Core Contributors will concentrate their efforts on ensuring its successful execution.

This concludes the steps necessary to bring an IPR proposal from inception to completion. What is preventing you from taking action to enhance Reform?

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