🎯Our Strategy

The future of equitable Market Making

Community-driven Market Making

Due to liquidity challenges in the cryptocurrency market, Reform's ecosystem introduces a community-driven platform that boosts liquidity through a unique, circular economy via the Bonding Treasury. The Bonding Treasury swaps are available at discounted market rates, providing the DAO with increased liquidity for Market Making. This approach not only addresses liquidity challenges but also generates Realized Profits. These profits are allocated for operations, R&D, and the repurchase of $RFRM.

Equitable Method of Market Making

Reform adopts an equitable method of Market Making. Instead of a traditional "mercenary" approach, Reform partners with projects to manage Market Making for their tokens. The tokens from exercised call contracts bolster the DAO's treasury, enhancing its resilience and diversification. Furthermore, these tokens are actively traded, leading to additional Realized Profits and a more stable market. Through this strategy, Reform fosters a collaborative and mutually advantageous environment. By pooling resources and sharing benefits, we aim to cultivate a robust and enduring ecosystem for all stakeholders.

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